Monday, November 28, 2011

WikiLeaks: A Non-official Political Whistle Blower

It takes guts to reveal your own secrets but to reveal secrets of people in power requires something even more than the guts. WikiLeaks has continuously achieved this by showing unending resilience and they have survived the toughest of situations as observed by most of us. Today WikiLeaks have become the biggest non-official political whistle blower our history has ever witnessed and I am sure they will continue till there is no political secret left to share.

Here is the big question; why people in political power corridors are afraid of WikiLeaks? Why they are trying to destroy this website at any cost? Such things happen only when there is something to hide. I am not saying that actions taken by various governments are wrong but probably they were not presented in the right way to the people and now when WikiLeaks is bringing it in front of the people, they are afraid. I am only afraid when I had done something wrong and I will do whatever I will to hide it from my wife. Hence, if politicians are trying to prevent WikiLeaks from publishing their secrets then it is no rocket science to understand that there is something fishy in the old dockets.

I do not understand why people try to do more mistakes in order to bury their past mistakes. We all are human beings and mistakes happen and everybody understands this fact. The best way is to except them and clear the name forever but our politicians always choose the longer way and want to silence everybody forgetting that truth will uncover itself at some point of time. Anyways let us see what happens in the future but as of now I am relishing the secrets brought forth by this brave website and waiting for the time when my heart will whisper to me.........

Monday, November 14, 2011

Honey, I Shrunk the Budget

Turbulence in economy never ever fails to bring the turbulence inside your own home. Increase in prices will always turn up in your home as increase in tensions. For most of the earning individuals (barring those who have silver spoon glued to their mouths from birth), pay packages keep on becoming lighter where as bills keep on becoming heavier in such times. Cutting costs at every juncture becomes everyday mantra for every poor soul struggling for survival with dignity.

Since we all are accustomed to adjustments cutting costs is not a major issue, the major issue is how to convey this to your wife without hurting her as well as without compromising on your own status at home. Our irony is that, some people sitting somewhere in the power corridors are making some mindless decisions and causing economic slowdown which in turn is ruining your life and unfortunately you have no control over it. For example, to rein in increasing prices and inflation, our government is increasing interest rates so that demand can be reduced than supply but in turn fails to understand that this way both demand and supply are reduced but increase in interest rates have still caused increase in prices and inflation even in short supply (both put together actually create the scary term 'Recession'). They fail to realise that short supply is still a favourable situation rather than reduced demand since supply can be increased but demand is reduced solely because of household budget cuts which a person will do only in desperate situation.

As helpless as in any other grave situation, as a common man I also decided to convince my wife rather than the government since once wife can listen to you but governments never listen. With heavy heart and all my courage, one day I went home and announced to my wife that dear since our government has decided to inflate interest rates and in turn inflate the prices, honey, I shrunk the budget since we have no choice but to do this in order to stay afloat in these turbulent times. Seeing her worried face and tears in her eyes, I was just able to tell myself that good times will come soon when government will start taking wise decisions and that is what my heart whispered to me......