Saturday, March 17, 2012

Petrol and Onions in today's time....

Petrol prices are up again, in some time it will not be available on petrol pumps instead it will be sold in 300ml bottles at general stores.

Onion is no more a vegetable, with such high prices it should be classified as a fruit. Sensex will soon have an onion index like gold index.

Poor people used to eat Rotis with onions, with onions so costly they will have the luxury to eat Rotis with potato bhaji. Think positive.

Now petrol and onions are at the same rate, think what will happen to those who used to burn petrol to shop for onions, double whammy.

Petrol prices are going up every now and then, soon it will be cheaper for individuals to export it from Arab countries in 10 litre cans.

Petrol is costly, walk to your office; onions are costly, no more fried stuff; government wants to make us healthy & themselves wealthy.

For petrol and onions, this is what my heart whispers to me.....