Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Society Losing its Morality

When we hear or read about brutal acts of rape around us in our so called society, we always wonder how people committing such heinous acts can go to such low levels of morality which no religion, no caste and no education approve of. Is being a female or a girl child a curse in itself? How a society advocating equality between the genders even has appetite to let such acts of brutality happen? Why females like Nirbhaya have to succumb to their fate or live in constant fear throughout their life? Why even a 5 year old is not safe in her childhood? Why instead of shame and anger we feel more of helpless? Why we are unable to punish the guilty who are well connected and why people are still playing the passing buck game? Questions are plenty and answer none. Moreover nobody actually wants to answer, neither police department which is meant to protect the citizens nor the politicians who are responsible for the law and order. Instead they pass comments which only add salt to the injury.

It is true that such crimes happen everywhere from ancient times and thanks to media come out in open more often now than in past but the main question remains that whether this is helping the cause and whether we as a society able to find a solution to this menace. We have yet to understand that whether these acts are committed just for pleasure or for the elated feeling of power over the weaker gender or both. On one hand our law makers are struggling with question of whether prostitution must be made legal or not on account of morality of the society and on the other hand by displaying such horrible acts of rape the society has already lost all its levels of morality and further going down with each passing day. Where people are demanding death penalty for such crimes without any concrete law still in force, such cases are piling up with alarming rates and law makers are still struggling to decide how heinous such crimes are.

With a society losing its morality at such pace and lawmakers entangled in their own red tapes, parents like us only feel and pray to god that does not give us a female child as we will always be scared for her safety and well-being. These thoughts may not be doing justice to the already unjust society and its pole bearers but that is what my heart whispers to me................