Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Election 2014: Battle of Nerves

The upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2014 can prove to be real battle of nerves with most of the areas witnessing triangular contest between UPA, NDA and Third Front/Regional Parties. Whereas Congress is still struggling to go with a solid strategy in the elections and fumbling to take some solid ground, BJP on the other hand under NaMo wave is sweeping so fast that there is a chance that it may fizzle out by the time real battle starts. The Third Front which has yet to take any formal shape may not become a reality but one thing is clear, some of its major constituents like SP, BSP, Trinamool, BJD, JD(U), CPI, AIADMK will be in advantageous position to support the formation of  government at the centre and grab lucrative portfolios in the cabinet.

Now, the question is what the Aam Aadmi will decide, whether it will show anger on the way things are managed in the country today or it will go with the promises of a better tomorrow or as usual surrender to its helplessness in taking decisions. Even though the Lok Sabha elections must be fought on national issues, they are still very much dominated by the local or regional issues which later on result in policy paralysis at the centre. Whatever any of us decide, we should keep in mind that there should be a stable government at the centre which is not dependent on smaller fractions to survive or our condition as a nation will remain same or may even become worse. So take informative and calculative decision on whom to choose and that is what my heart whispers to me..........