Sunday, February 26, 2006

Emerging Business Corporate - Indian Railways

Finally yesterday Mr Laloo prasad Yadav presented Railway Budget and my goodness to everyone's surprise he had shown a profit of almost 9800 crore rupees. What our old dear Laloo had done to poor Indian Railways? He had changed the whole face of it and turned it into an emerging business corporate or business powerhouse.

For the first time some Railway Minister had thought like a businessman. Now people spend their time in making strategies, as how to fight competition or how to improve services provided to the customers. He even dared to challenge aviation industry in his own style "everything is fair in fare war". Good job sir, till in this fight I have to spend less from my pocket I am happy.

He had proved himself earlier also by eating straw as the only human being on earth (who can do it other than the animals) and now another rabbit is out from his hat, he had eaten straw in Bihar and shi* out golden eggs in Railways. His body mechanism is out of understanding for a tiny mind like mine and I dont care also because I dont own any cattles. Some people at his lower level also tried to eat straw so that they can become successful like Laloo but (how this will happen because if it works, then cows and buffalos will be most successful in their lives and will never get full day lashings from human beings) finally they had to succumb.

Now lets become somewhat serious on this discussion, the point is if Laloo is so capable then why the hell he didnt change Bihar. If what he had done in one year as Railway Minister, he could have done in Bihar, Mr. Bush would have planned a visit to Patna or Ranchi or Jabalpur instead of Delhi and Hyderabad. I feel laloo is much more capable as a politician than in any other role. Till there was no develoopment in Bihar, he was the king because illiteracy was his biggest weapon. Poor biharis thought that he is eating cattles food not their's and thank god cow and buffalos cant vote or he could have lost his security deposit also as he had sneezed food from their mouths. So he had win-win situation. But after JD(U) and BJP pulled his chair (which he tried to save even by putting lovely Rabri on it for sometime)he had nothing to do so he thought let me show them that I can do something better then them. And this is the only way by which he can once again establish his credibility and get back his vote-bank. You will see in another two years each and every village in Bihar will have a railway station and a Rajdhani or Shatabadi or Jan Shatabadi or Garib Rath (or .....god knows how many more super deluxe trains will get launched) express train passing by with a 5 min. stop (atleast). Best of luck to everybody as wherever they will board a train in India it will pass through Bihar before reaching to its final destination.

Anyway now the joke what we used to share in childhoood that Laloo got the power to change countries like US and Japan into Bihar doesnt make sense anymore because he had shown that he can really change Bihar into US or Japan also, but only if his heart whispers to him to do so..........

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