Monday, July 03, 2006

Fall of Samba Legion

Atlast my prediction or you can say my wish came true. Brazil lost to France 1-0 in the quarter-finals. What happened to the magic of no. 3964. I will say it was the "Fall of The Samba Legion", because the way they had played that day is really shameful for a team having so many so called talented players. Kudos to team France for showing so much endurence against a team whom even all odds were favouring. Can you believe Brazil had only one shot on target in the entire game and it was not Ronaldinho but Zidane who was the pivotal point of the game, it was not Ronaldo but Henry who struck at last. Anyway I will not say much on this topic because I am also surrounded with Brazilian fans here in my house but best of luck to all who had supported Brazil and start choosing your new favourite.

See you Brazil (oops, Brazil minus Ronaldo, Cafu and Carlos) next time in 2010.


Castelino Mathew said...

A brazil with ronaldo, carlos and cafu cost brazil its wc hopes. It is the day of the robinho's, cecinho's, adriano' you shouldn t be too happy about the oldies retiring.

Wafter said...

agree with favourite was germany , it doesnt have stars but it always ends up in the top teams of the world cup.