Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Existence of God

Sometimes I think about it and argue myself whether there is God or its just an illusion in which most of us believe. I am sure most of us had asked this Question either from ourselves or from our elders, parents or somebody. Did you get your answer? I think not and same is in my case, but slowly and gradually I had formed an image, a belief about the very existence of God. I am no authority on this subject but also I believe there is no such person in this world because nobody understands actually what is God (including me).

From the very beginning we are taught that there is some immortal power, which take care of all and the power is in the form of various Gods. We always worship to keep the Gods happy so that we can be happy. There are so many Gods defined that we do not even remember all of them and each God has assigned few distinct characteristics. It is true for most of the religions and as Hindus we are the front runners. There are so many explanations and so many fables you can hear related to Gods filled with magic and supernatural powers that it makes an intelligent mind uncomfortable in believing such things. Still whenever you remember God (obviously in time of distress), you feel some unseen power giving you internal strength to fight back. This seems more appropriate since it is also said that, 'God lives within you'.

In the end I will only say that it does not matter whether God created mankind or mankind created God, what matters is that when we remember God, we feel empowered, and when we celebrate festivals poor man gets the joy which he cannot afford otherwise. God is real or not I do not know but there is some eternal power glows somewhere in our hearts and that is what my heart whispers to me..........

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