Friday, July 10, 2009

Apple iphone: the journey begins..............

Like everybody else I was also pretty excited about the launch of Apple iphone in India and in the process became one of the first few who had purchased this device in initial days. Why I am saying first few is because by the time this product was launched already critics had labelled it as overpriced gadget in India and no doubt a price tag of Rs 36100/- can definitely stir a muscle in the mind. Because of such cost conscious reviews only, my wife also started jumping when I expressed my desire to buy the iphone. Her furious gestures and price tag of iphone somehow kept me away from Airtel Gallery (where iphone was available) on the first day. But old habits die hard and like a dog's tail which can never be straight, on next day while praying to god to keep my wife in good mood when I reach home, I purchased this engineering marvel.

I know how much I have to listen that day for it but trust me the moment I took iphone in my hands it is the beginning of a whole new journey. Even though almost one year has passed by I am still wondering how more is remaining to explore. With so many exciting applications added daily you will feel that entire world is at your doorstep. This iphone has not only become my personal assistant who can keep all the information handy whenever I need it but it has also become my personal entertainer. Now whether I want to know my flight status or a train schedule or hotels in a particular area, everything is available on iphone. What else, I can see movies, read books, play guitar, check email, listen to music, watch latest news, play scrabble and other interesting games on this little device. There are so many etceteras with this iphone one cannot really explain. All this has to be experienced in order to enjoy the endless fruits of this engineering marvel.

In the end I will just say that after iphone so many new models have been launched on same platform but iphone nevertheless has become legend in its category and definitely marks the beginning of a new journey. This is the first gadget which has become so close to me that sometimes I feel this iphone can listen to what my heart whispers to me........................because whenever I wish for an application it comes alive on this iphone.


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