Thursday, March 02, 2006

MBA - The actual side of the story

I was thinking to write on the hottest career option in our country (where no. of aspirants is growing at a higher pace than our economy itself) from past three days but was hesitant a little bit because I myself did not belong to this stable. Finally, I decided to write so that all of us can see MBA in a different light. I feel its worth writing for a rising sun which may be rising from the west but afterall it is a sun and its rising.

I believe that most of us think of MBA only as Masters in Business Administration or the fastest career growth path, which is not exactly true. MBA is much more then its literal meaning or a career growth path. One should understand that career growth depends solely on yourself and you should be prepared for a complete transformation.

Actually, in my words MBA is: -

M - Maturity of Mind
B - Birth of Basis
A - Accuracy of Actions

The Mighty "M": -

Although M stands for money also which most of us think about but its actual depth is beyond imagination. It stands for 'Maturity of Mind'. After joining MBA this is the first process that gets started and a carefree mind starts its journey towards maturity. Mind start thinking in all the directions and more and more avenues keep on adding to its dimensions. This is when creativity becomes the core of a thinking process.

The Beautiful "B": -

Although B stands for business also which most of us mean everytime but its origination is much before it. "B" actually stands for 'Birth of Basis'. During MBA most of us learn the importance of 'Basis'. Afterall anybody do anything on the basis of something. We start thinking about the basis on which we should do something and this provides us a whole new intelligent weapon. We start realizing what our competitor or any other human being can do or had done and why, by putting ourselves into their shoes. We can also define our success or failures by going into the depth of our course of actions that on what basis I had taken those decisions. If anybody get enlightened with the importance of 'Basis' we can overcome any hurdle in our life provided we are able to find the basis on which we should actually overcome it.

The Advantage "A": -

And finally comes the dimension which makes anybody different from everybody. This is what even many MBA's also fail to master. "A" which stands for 'Accuracy of Actions' is the most difficult art to learn and if you are able to have a command over it nobody can stop you in any phase of life. What actually is it? I can hit a bull's eye provided bull is there. It means that taking correct actions or decisions is not sufficient alone, it is also necessary to take them at the right time. Even bad decisions taken at an appropriate time can be fruitful. Always remember one thing that each and every decision or action in professional life or personal life is time sensitive, if you are accurate in your actions you can sail through any type of waters.

Now I think it is also right time to finish this write-up but before putting an end to it, I would like to say that people can only preach but you have to scratch your own back and decide your course of action, your path of life and always listen to what your heart whispers to you.........

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