Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Threat to the Dignity of Greatest Temples of Education in India

Mandal II or so called quota mayhem has again threatened the future of millions of students who are struggling to get a seat in IIT's or IIM's. It is a threat to the dignity of the greatest temples of education in India. Moreover it has started at a time when the entire world had started recognizing the economic strength of our country. Vote politics can go down to such a level is really shamefull for a country as diverse as ours. I am not against the growth of backward classes or minorities but is this the way to show them that we care. From the starting itself, I am a strong believer of providing necessary education to under privileged children and I will be happy if they can secure more seats in IIT's and IIM's then general category people but only after competing at the same level.

Providing quotas can never help in the overall growth of an individual or a caste. It will further make them dependent on the system and system has to always create quotas everywhere for them like now people are talking of quotas in private companies also, in future they will talk about quotas in promotions also then what is the point. I can facilitate somebody only upto a certain level but not always. You can provide free education to backward classes children upto whatever level you want but you cannot make a shorter route for their success which is ultimately they are not going to get by that route. Why not tell all the English medium schools or good colleges to provide free education to these under privileged children. Even people like me will be ready to take burden of one or two children but now I will not do this by keeping future of our children on stake. I can still remember, during the time of Mandal I, how frustrating it was that even after doing your best you are not selected while the other backward students even after scoring marks in single digit got selected in engineering and medical colleges.

Another problem is that it will create problems between the students of the two communities. They will not be able to live prosperously at the same place. And sad thing is that people who make these types of rules their children never struggle to get education or job, or they could have understood the pain behind this whole process. And this is what will happen till we the intelligent minds are indifferent to these burning issues. Let us do something so that our next generations can say, "yes, you had done something for us and the country".


Castelino Mathew said...

One of the fallouts of the same ole "indifference" you mentioned in the previous post. Affirmative actions in India are sadly taken without proper study and survey of ground realities...rather the sole aim is one of appeasement...

As someone pointed out let reservations happen unopposed all the way to 100%...until we bleed to death...may be good sense prevail then...

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