Monday, June 26, 2006

Football World Cup - The One Sided Story

I wanted to write something on football world-cup from a very long time as this the much talked about thing today. I always wanted to be a part of this debate but when I tried it appeared to be a one sided story. Most of the people are supporting Brazil (obviously everybody wants to be with favourites) until and unless somebody is having particular liking about some country or belong to that country. This had taken out the whole fun of it. When there is no difference in opinion there is no debate, no arguments. Even numerologists had proved with the help of the no. 3964 that Brazil is going to win then what is the point in enjoying the present when you already know the future, when you already believe that only Brazil is going to win.

Round 1 is over and knock-out stage had already started. Just try to look at the other teams also. Germany team is full of energy under Ballack with Klose and Podolski already on fire. Argentina is showing some mastermind strategies. They had already shown their hunger by routing Serbia 6 - 0. France got the will-power and England got the stars like Rooney and Beckham. The point is every team is as promising as Brazil, then why all of us are so biased. I feel in some way Brazil team is over hyped by people like us only. If you observe, their defense is weak and can be penetrated with ease. Their star players like Ronaldinho are struggling to convert chances. If you leave the last match, even Ronaldo had disappointed his fans so far. Kaka is not that dependable and Carloas is missing his usual fire.

Still most of us support Brazil because everybody wants to be on the winning side and we had already announced them as champs this time also. Let us wait and watch what is the result going to be but one thing is sure, victory will not come their way so easily. As far as I am concerned, I will support any team other then Brazil. Afterall somebody should be there to support others also and make this football world cup lively with arguments and debate.

BEST OF LUCK everybody...........................except Brazil


Castelino Mathew said...

Anurag, it isn't clear as to what sort of debate you wish to indulge in? Personally feel that one doesnt need a debate if it is just about predicting the winners or backing one's favorite. It's a personal choice which needs no explanation. People have strong reasons to support Brazil coz it has no rivals when it comes to sheer invidual talent, it also peaked up well before the wc finals.

At the time of writing these comments, as we see your wish coming true, it becomes evident that it is Brazil's arrogance that brought about its downfall. Also sticking to the old guns didnt do any good to Brazil's cause. I dont agree that Kaka wasnt dependable. Feel he was the only bright spot in a rather insipid first round display.

anurag_bansal said...

It seems you never indulged in any serious debate about football because when you support somebody you should have strong reason for that and thats when debate starts that somebodyelse is having stronger reasons then you or not so as to back other team.

As far as shear talent is concerned I feel if you see there are much more talented players in other teams then these Brazilians. Also personally I feel Kaka didnt do anything bright to see that day as you feel. Again they did loose because of their arrogance but at the same time France had shown much more balanced game.

Anyway the debate kicks like this only.

Castelino Mathew said...

Well I dont wan't to get into a debate as to whether we need a debate before backing a team of our choice. Still maintain its more of a personal choice...u like certain players in a team or they happen to be in ur favorite clubs or u like a nations particular style. It is about getting emotionally attached to that team and any debate on who's superior and who's not can't waver and shouldn't waver your support for that team.

As regards to individual talent, you must be joking if you ridicule the Brazilians. Kaka did play well till the time of your writing this post though he was a failure against France. I dont deny France played well. Brazilians sucked to the core that day. But had the they played with the younger crop, marked Zidane properly n shed that arrogance, the result would have been different. Again no room for ifs and buts. I have no sympathy for brazil but then if the majority of the junta felt Brazil would be winners, see no wrong. Upsets do happen and why not - after all its is a game and a fair game.