Monday, July 24, 2006

Spirit of Mumbai - Back with a Bang !!!!!!!!!!!!

It happened again. How many time these people want to test the endurance of people of Mumbai. This is the fourth time bomb-blasts are happening in this island city. Wounds of 26/7/05 floods were still there and fresh blood is oozing from them after 11/7/06. But nothing can stop Mumbai. Eight bombs, seven locations, six shattered trains and Mumbai took only twelve hours to spring back with life. We are sad but not down, we are scared but still ready to become heroes if required, this is what life is in Mumbai. Mumbai blasts are not return of the terror, its return of Mumbai's spirit.

Love U Mumbai ...............

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Anonymous said...

It was spirit when 26/7 happened but not this time around. Just ppl's resignation..the mumbaikar cannot afford to sit back at home.